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Water Treatment Reviews – Rainsoft

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by Jo Lynn, Staff Writer

Rainsoft water treatment products are geared towards the family that is looking for a more global solution to water purification in their home. Rather than concentrating solely on drinking water, Rainsoft targets all the water coming into your home and provides treatment systems to filter and improve it on all levels. With the whole house as a target for treatment, Rainsoft systems do carry a heavier price tag.


There are two basic Rainsoft water treatment products. The first is called the Hydrefiner. This system is your basic activated carbon block filter. It does filter to .4 microns, which is really good as most carbon filters work at .5 microns. Carbon filters remove particles and contaminants that are too large to pass through the filtration system.

The second water treatment product offered by Rainsoft is the Ultrefiner Osmosis Filtration System. This is your basic reverse osmosis system, which is more effective than carbon activated filtration alone.

The biggest issue with Rainsoft water treatment systems is the high pressure sales tactics and the hefty price tag. While the system itself is comparable to Culligan whole house systems, and provides good water purification, be aware that the Rainsoft products are not available widely and must be ordered specifically through the distributor, and each dealer is independently owned and operated.

Reverse osmosis systems can run from a few hundred dollars up closer to a thousand dollars. It is really important to check the costs and compare what you are getting for your money. Also, check into installation costs and difficulty of installation. You may be able to really reduce your expenses if you install the system yourself.

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